Shelly put roots down and has called Dickinson her home since 2000. She is currently raising two really great children.

Prior to working at KXDI Radio, Shelly has 8 years of marketing working at KXMA TV and KQCD TV.


I run a live ad on 93.9 KXDI. I've received customer inquiries from as far away as Carson, Bowman and even Watford City. All these customers called after hearing our ad on I-94 FM.

Craig Steve, Owner
All American Travel

Since we began advertising on I-94 Radio we have covered more areas than before...we have extended our coverage to different areas, to clients we didn't ever expect to reach and it's all a credit to KXDI. We appreciate your help and it's a medium that we are going to use for a long, long time.

Jay Wandler
ENG Lending