KXDI 93.9 Station Profile

   93.9 KXDI is a 100,000 watt commercial FM radio station licensed for Belfield, ND with offices and studios in Dickinson, ND.

   The transmitter and tower are located 5 miles west of Dickinson and 12 miles south. The base of the transmitter is at 2950’ above sea
   level. The tower is 650’ with the antenna mounted at the top of the structure. The broadcast signal reaches Sturgis, SD to the south,Stanley and
   Williston, ND to the north and northwest, Glendive, MT to the west and Bismarck, ND to the east.

   KXDI is owned and operated by The Marks Group in Glendive, MT. Along with KXDI, the group also owns 8 other commercial radio stations as well as
   a television station in Glendive. Plans are in place for a 10th station in Williston, ND.

   KXDI focuses on programming pertinent to local adults 25-54 years old. The country music format blends perfectly with the lifestyle of southwestern
   ND. Along with music, KXDI offers agricultural information via The North Broadcasting System. FOX News, WeatherEye weather forecasts, and local    news reports via local announcers as well as a regional news director are included in KXDI’s presentation.

   A live morning show is part of the integral network at KXDI. Programs in KXDI’s lineup include local favorite Wild Bill in the    Morning, 5AM to 10AM    M-F, Country Café of the Airwaves with Jim Thompson, Talk Rodeo, Loos Tales, The MonDak Oilfield Review and The Southwest Water Report. The    Dickinson Chamber of Commerce and The Dickinson Convention and Visitors Bureau have a strong presence on the station. Other programming
   which is pertinent to the core population of the area are always strongly considered.

   The Marks Group respects their listeners and advertisers in all their markets. We feel there are numerous good, strong business leaders in these    communities who are very proud of the goods and services they offer the community. We are humbled these businesses choose our stations to tell
   the story of their business and invite customers to consider them when making purchases and choices in discretionary activities.